Dachshund Saves John Wayne’s House.

There is just a lot of going on in this article! Movie stars! Former Actresses! Witty telegraphs! My how things have changed. But what remains the same is the intelligence of the dachshund!

The Spokesman Review
January 15, 1958

Pet Dachshund Warns of Fire
Barks Awaken Mrs. John Wayne as Flames Spread
Encino, Calif., Jan, 14
“We owe our lives to Blackie.”
Mrs. John Wayne stroked the head of her pet Dachshund as she told how his barking at 3 a.m. today alerted her to a fire that swept the second story of the actor’s $250,000 mansion.

The film hero’s wife snatched her 20-month-old daughter from a crib and fled into the night after Blackie sounded the alarm. Mrs. Wayne, the former Peruvian actress Pilar Palette, suffered a burn on the arm.

Wayne is in Japan making a movie.

Firemen saved Mrs. Wayne’s furs and jewelry, but much clothing, furniture and other possessions were lost. Most of the second floor was destroyed or damaged. There was no exact damage estimate, but family sources said it would amount to many thousands of dollars.

Firemen fought the blaze in the 24-room, on a six-acre estate, for more than an hour. It started, cause unknown, in Mrs. Wayne’s second floor bedroom.

Fire spreads rapidly

“My little dog Blackie barked and jumped up on the bed,” Mrs. Wayne said. “I jumped up and saw some fire, not too much, as the edge of the carpet. I took the baby from her crib to a safe place downstairs.

“Then I went back up with a fire extinguisher. But all of a sudden –whoosh- the fire just burst across the rugs and the records in the record player went up, poof, like an explosion. I couldn’t stay up there any longer and I ran back downstairs.”

She and the baby took refuge in the caretaker’s cottage.
From there she sent two wires to her husband. One asked simply, “How do you like one-story houses?” the other, signed Blackie, said: “I guess I’m a Peruvian national hero, but all I did was wake up Mommie and say, ‘Get me out of this house.’”

Said Mrs. Wayne, “Blackie always sleeps on my bed- and he always will”.

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