It’s Hard to Be Apart.

Eleanor hates to be away from me. It’s flattering, but also hard to deal with. When she first arrived we were told we should crate train her, so we did. At first she slept in her crate and went in when we left, then she managed to talk us into sleeping in the big bed.

We don’t leave her out of the crate alone for longer than 1/2 hour. We’ve experimented and come home to our bed sheets pulled off the bed, chewed up and peed on. I’m also terrified she’ll hurt herself on the stairs or try to jump in the couch and hurt herself.

She is good in her crate. She cries sometimes, but I’m confident that this is because the cat teases her. But our magic trick is the Kong.

This wonderful, wonderful toy has been a lifesaver for us on many occasions. They key is to fill it with peanut butter or another delicious treat. Dog bothering you? Give her the kong. In her crate, kong it up. She’s so used to getting a kong when we leave that if she sees or hears us filling it up she will run to the crate and get in! And because the process goes- lick kong – sleep, we can also give it to her if she’s extra wild before bed and it will knock her out.

Peanut butter is the usual filler, but in the summer when it’s hot, I like to give her doggie frozen yogurt:

Mix together
-raspberry yogurt
-peanut butter (we like the all natural kind)
-fresh raspberries
And freeze it! (She also loves frozen plain peanut butter)

For more information about separation anxiety in dogs please read the Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperers post here.

*The author was not paid for this review.

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  1. Lee LOVES her kongs as well, however, not enough to aid in her separation anxiety. Her new thing now if she is mad we are leaving is refuse to eat the treat until we return! Her favs are peanut butter and cookies in it!

    We made the decision to give up crate training when she destroyed the second crate and the room she was crated in. While she will still occasionally find something to destroy, she is less destructive now. Exercise and creating a routine are what helps her the best!

    Best of luck with this tricky problem!

  2. Scrappy says:

    I wish I could have treats like that! Those just sound so yummy! I get prettu upset when mom leaves, but I just have a gate they put up to confine me to the kitchen. The radio has to be on. I would rather go with and spend the whole day on my bag than get left at home.

  3. The frozen yogurt sound yummy. I give Gretel a Kong in her crate when I leave. When she is obsessed with chewing on that she doesn’t even notice when I leave…or at least doesn’t care. It really helps with her separation anxiety.

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