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House training a dachshund has the reputation of being terribly difficult.

We too found this to be true when training Eleanor. But I’m proud to say she is 95% there. There is still the odd accident (mostly of the solid kind) here and there, but most of the time it is our fault, or something extreme.

Since Eleanor isn’t much of a barker unless there is a cat around, she has gotten used to ringing a bell at the front door when she has to go out. At first I just sewed a strip of fabric with a bell on the end and attached it to the knob, but one day I saw a beautiful product in Modern Dog Magazine and had to try it! it really is a want and not a need, as it is so easy to make your own version of these.

Poochie Bells is an American company who’s system is based on the psychologist Ivan Pavlov’s discovery, that one form of learning is a result of repeated stimulus” explains Cheryl Pedersen, creator of Poochie-Bells®. “By ringing the bells each and every time the dog has to go (creating a stimulus), the resulting action will be the reward of being let outside. Your dog learns to associate the stimulus of the bells with the ability to go outside” (From their press release).

I purchased ours directly from our website, which is very easy to understand and complete. There are several options of colours and patterns and even material (you can get bamboo!). We chose to have ours personalized, and I picked the purple colour to go with our decor. I’m fairly certain I had a promotional code for free shipping even! Shipping was average, and the product was as lovely as I imagined when it arrived. my only complaint is that it doesn’t sit flat against the door where the name is embroidered.

Because Eleanor was already trained to ring the bell, it took her no time to adapt to the new product! But Poochie Bells also included instructions for those pet parents just starting!

Overall, I’ve found this method of training very easy and successful, and the product is very nice and looks much better than my homemade version!

*The author was not paid for this review.

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  1. Oh that is so cute!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. We used bells for training our first dog with great success. We did not know there were fancy dog bells you could buy (how naive we were). We used a chime from the dollar store.

  3. I have thought about using those. I am sure Chester and Gretel would catch on quick. However, I think it is ME that doesn’t have the patience (to train them). Ha, ha.

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