A walk with Friends.

This weekend was fun!

We went for a super long walk to our “old” neighbourhood and saw some of our old friends like Pilgrim the big black lab, snooped on the old house, and smelled lots of old smells.
We also barked and barked at the new dog on the block, a sweet rescue named Mickey. Eleanor just doesn’t seem to like him, but he just wants to be her friend!

We practiced a little for the wiener dog race on Friday too! Eleanor won two years ago, but I know she will have stiff competition this year!

Fall means hockey season and that means we are out of the house a lot! The season started this weekend, so Eleanor will have to get used to many hours alone with the cat, except for the one game a year they let her come!

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  • Date  –  September 24th, 2012
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  1. It is so hard to balance having a life and being with your dog isn’t it? When I was leaving this morning, Phod gave me the sad eyes and I felt like the worst person ever, even though I know he is safe and sound and ok!

    Sounds like a fun walk!

  2. Bassetmomma says:

    She only gets to go to one game a year? Dang! I’m sure she’ll have plenty of fun with the “cat”. LOL! Wishing her luck on Friday. :)

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