Catch Up.

We’ve been busy the last while, so here is a catch up on Eleanor’s going ons.

We went to another Deckel Do at Wag, the local pet store and cafe.

Eleanor was extra wimpy this time, and stayed on our laps most of the time.

“When I open my eyes, I will be home!”

We saw some of our doxie buddies like Zoey and Frankie (this is Zoey)

This beauty was a real snuggler

And our neighbour and his weenie Lizzie came!

Our pals Zoey and Frankie and Mom gave us a WONDERFUL and thoughtful gift!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Eleanor likes!
I also picked up some all natural Paw Balm by a local company called Purple Urchin. Eleanor has such dry feet, and she’s always licking them.

Turns out, this stuff is so yummy, she licks it right off. So I have to bundle her in a blanket after I rub it on. Oh dear the things we do for our pups.

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  1. I use Mushers Secret for Chester and Gretel’s Paws. It smells like petroleum but is made from a blend of several food-grade waxes. I mention it because it is moisturizing and also protects from ice/snow and salt. Because of its smell it may be less appealing for her to lick off. Admittedly though, Chester and Gretel do lick their feed a bit afterward. They don’t do it much though but I can’t speak for Eleanor.

  2. Our Lady loves the shirt. Looks like fun. Lee and Phod

  3. We have something for you over at our blog. It is under wordless Wednesday!

  4. Chelsea says:

    Ermagurd- I LOVE the shirt. There’s something about blingy dog clothes :) I love the pictures- they are such a great quality.

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