Preparing for Travel.

We’re headed to Southern Ontario this weekend for a baby shower and are going to take Eleanor with us for her first road trip, and her first overnight stay, and her first time meeting her Grandma, and other family members/friends.

I’ve been researching traveling with your dog, and I think we’re ready.

We’re packing things like benedryl, a gift for her doggy uncle, Max, food, melatonin to keep her calm, poopy bags, treats, a toy, and her medical file.

We bought a soft-sided crate just in case, but we doubt we will really need it. It will stay with family, because we will be returning again in a month or so.

Look at that curled lip and alien eyes!

Eleanor will be traveling in her Sleepypod. We’ll make sure not to feed her within a few hours of leaving. She hasn’t shown and trouble so far in the car, so we hope she will be fine for long distance. She usually just falls asleep for short trips and doesn’t make a peep.

Sweet Sophie will be staying at home, in peace, with her Aunty taking care of her.

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  1. Best of luck with your travels.

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