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Eleanor is my 2.5 year old dachshund. She came into our lives when she was three months old. I had just finished school and was going to call my husband on his promise of a dog upon graduation. Things fell into place and Eleanor came into our lives.

When we introduce her to friends or strangers on the street, they often exclaim their surprise in her humanized name. We decided many years ago when we were naming our cat Sophie that we would give our animals names from history. Often when we say that people assume she’s named after the Beatles tune, but in fact she is named after Eleanor Roosevelt.

This blog was created because I am passionate about my dog and love to talk about her. I want this blog to not be just the stories of Eleanor’s life – but a chance to review the toys, foods, treats that she loves (or doesn’t love) so much.

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Eleanor is a 4 year old mini dachshund who lives a spoiled life in Ottawa Canada. This blog will be about the dachshund good life.