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  1. Scrappy says:

    WHOA! Looks like you have made out like a bandit:)

  2. Lauren Smith says:

    I am starting a Dog Health and Information Blog looking for about 10-15
    bloggers/profesonals in the pet industry.

    I am a big fan of your work and would love to have you aboard for a
    weekly post, bi weekly or even monthly post. (Whenever you get a

    It fits in well with my healthy homemade dog treats website that I
    started after reading all the scary reports of dogs getting sick and
    dying from dog treats from China.

    You don’t have to talk about my products at all. This will pretty
    much be a general dog forum. With emphasis on Dog Health

    I just want to get a collection of bloggers and professionals in
    the field on 1 blog that post whenever they have time to. I think it
    may turn out to be a pretty neat concept. You can post once a week or
    whenever you have time . I would love you to blog for us and
    post whenever you have something interesting you would like to blog
    about. Iam going to keep the blog pretty broad so anything Dog related
    would work.


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